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Elite HRV app manual (free download)

The ”Elite HRV” app is a biofeedback app, that enables HRV-training at home.  The app measure heart rate via a sensor, for example the Polar H10. The Elite HRV app is free and can be downloaded from Google Play and the App store.

HRV training manual (free download)

HRV-training is a type of heartrate biofeedback training based on a specific breathing technique. HRV-training has a profound positive effect on our physical and psychological health. This manual offers a step-by-step guide to perform HRV-training at home.

Online course “Foundations for optimal sleep”

Unlike our ancestors, for whom good sleep was a natural part of environmental processes that regulated their daily lives, in our modern 24-7 and high-tech way of living, good sleep has become as much a necessary evil as elusive for many. The aim of this course is three-fold:

  1. Elevate the value you place on sleep through deepening your understanding of the purpose of sleep and its many connections with health, well-being, performance and ageing
  2. Expand your awareness of and insight into your own sleep through expanding your knowledge of the mechanisms and processes involved in good sleep.
  3. Enable you to restore or enhance your sleep by providing you with a comprehensive set of proven sleep strategies / conditions as well as tools for implementing them.

Where possible, we use evidence-based information. However, as sleep is a growth area, there is still much to be learned and much that is difficult to objectify.

€ 37,50

Online course “Healthy lifestyle”

Adopting a healthy lifestyle is one of the key pathways to preventing modern living illnesses, slow down the ageing process and realise our physical health, mental well-being and performance potential.

This course provides you with evidence based information about the key pillars of a healthy lifestyle and guides you through making positive habit changes.

€ 62,50